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In March 2019, Alice presented at a PetchKucha 20x20 talk in Cambridge

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Added Value through Maps

Maps add a lot to an annual report or a wall or help a reader visualise a story!!

You can show off the health of your company to your visitors - or competitors!

Questions can be answered instantly on a map and analysis can be done for a new marketing campaign - saving time, hassle and money!

I believe every business should have a map or two on its premises!

Every author who has written an adventure book, should have at least 4 maps!


Cartography and Maps

Maps can be effective but also more often are incorrect!

We always remember the bad ones! Or the ones that took us down the wrong  road!

 Some people can read them like a book - other shy away!

I love to help people and businesses use their data - to visualise their assets. Help with decision making - answer questions and help with marketing - ultimately it's a money making tool!


Silver7 Mapping Story

 Silver7 Mapping was started by me, Alice Gadney, in April 2008. 

I love maps, Cartography and Geology. I had gained a range of experience internationally with a host of different companies and thought - I can do this for myself!

So I did.

I have worked at the Crown Estate, various Oil and Gas Companies and Local Authorities, making a whole range of different maps for different purposes and different audiences. 

In 2017, I set up Mini Map-Makers - the education side of the business and have taught over 650 primary and secondary children and adults about maps and map making!